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Danny Langloss speaks at P.A.A.R.I.'S National Police Conference in Boston, Ma. in December of 2017

This is a short sample speaker video from Danny Langloss' closing keynote presentation at the Police Assisted Addiction and Recovery National Conference.

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Danny Langloss Leads the Opening Keynote at the 2017 P.A.R.R.I. National Conference in Boston, Ma.

In this 11 minutes sample speaker video, Danny Langloss talks about change leadership, changing organizational culture, and how to unleash the champion in your organization.

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(NOTE: This is a live virtual keynote presentation for a crisis leadership conference.)

On April 17, 2012, City of Dixon Comptroller Rita Crundwell was arrested by the FBI for the largest municipal embezzlement in the history of the United States. Crundwell embezzled $54 million from Dixon over a span of more than 20 years. This devastating event destroyed community trust, city employee culture, and left the small town of Dixon demanding answers and accountability. 

Following additional fall-out, the City Council turned to their Chief of Police, Danny Langloss, for leadership that would rebuild community trust, professionalize every aspect of City operations, stabilize the internal culture of the City, change the form of city government, and lead to the recovery of more than $50 million in an out-of-court settlement. City Manager Danny Langloss (Ret. Chief of Police – Dixon) will discuss the theft and crisis leadership strategies that restored community trust, rebuilt the city team, and helped Dixon become the gold standard of rural communities.

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Danny Langloss Presents Virtually for the 2021 Illinois Economic Development Statewide Conference

This is the full video from a 60 minute live virtual presentation titled, "Predicting the Future: Creating Thriving Communities in Times of Change"

Course Description:

With so much uncertainty in our world today, communities must be intentional about creating their future. In this presentation, Dixon City Manager Danny Langloss will share the 6 qualities of thriving communities and discuss how to leverage your strengths to achieve long-term community health and success.