The 7 Pillars of Ownership with Danny Langloss

Season #2 Episode #27

Ownership is the extreme emotional and psychological commitment of your team member to the vision, purpose, and goals of the organization. When people have ownership, they do things because it is important to them, not because they are told to do it by their boss.

Owners are always looking for ways to improve themselves, the team, and the organization. Owners consistently challenge the status quo through creativity and innovation. Owners step up an lead when they see a need, whether or not they are a formal or informal leader.

In this episode, we break down the 7 Pillars of Ownership and provide strategies to help you create purpose-driven owners across your entire organization.

1:07 - The 3 Types of Employees
3:18 - Hannah's Story
8:33 - Leadership Cultures
10:50 - The 7 Pillars of Ownership
12:02 - Pillar 1 - Psychological Safety
15:24 - Pillar 2 - Sense of Belonging
19:29 - Pillar 4 - Confidence
28:01 - Pillar 5 - Empowerment
29:54 - Pillar 6 - Innovation
33:09 - Pillar 7 - Commitment

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