Why Belonging is Essential in the Workplace

Season #2 Episode #30

Belonging matters. It is not a "nice" to have in the workplace. It is "essential" to have. In this episode, Senior Forbes Leadership Columnist Rebecca Fraser-Thill helps us take a deep dive into belonging. We talk about what it means to belong, what the research says about the impact of belonging, and actionable strategies to create belonging in the workplace.

This episode is one of a series of episodes we will be releasing over the next couple months on our 7 Pillars of Ownership framework. Sense of Belonging is Pillar II. In case you missed it, we broke down this framework in S.2 / E. 27.

The 7 Pillars:

Pillar I - Psychological Safety
Pillar II - Sense of Belonging
Pillar III - Aligning Purpose
Pillar IV - Confidence
Pillar V - Empowerment
Pillar VI - Innovation
Pillar VII - Commitment

Please follow along and contribute to the discussion of belonging on LinkedIn. We will be breaking down key elements of this discussion the week the podcast is released.

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