Danny Langloss is a 25-year veteran of the City of Dixon, serving 10 years as Police Chief before being promoted to City Manager in 2017. 

Danny is an innovative and progressive leader who specializes in creating high performing cultures.  Danny has worked with community leaders and State organizations to create several innovative programs that are alternatives to the traditional criminal justice system.   These programs include drug court, veteran’s court, mental health court, youth court, the Crisis Prevention Team, and the Safe Passage Initiative:  Police Giving Hope to Addictions Through the Tools for Recovery.  

Danny has a Master’s Degree in Law Enforcement Administration.  Danny served as the 4th Vice President of the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police and as the Erin’s Law Illinois State Taskforce Chairman.

He was named the State of Illinois Champion for Children in 2010, Dixon Citizen of the Year in 2013, received the P.A.A.R.I. Leadership Award in 2016, and in 2018 received the State of Illinois Justice Leadership Award for his work to serve those suffering from substance use disorder. 

Danny founded Langloss Consulting and the Leadership Excellence Podcast in 2020.

Danny is a keynote speaker and works with companies in the public and private sector to help transform divided, fractured, and toxic cultures into cultures filled with psychological safety, belonging, purpose, empowerment, and ownership.

Danny created the 7 Pillars of Ownership two years ago and has helped public and private sector companies implement them across all levels of the organization.